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  • Generic Name : Carisoprodol
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  • Brand Name : Soma
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Soma Online To Treat Muscular Strains

The drug component Carisoprodol works as a muscle relaxant. It is the generic form of the prescription drug Soma. It relaxes the muscle spasms. The FDA had approved the drug in 2007. Soma is the product of Meda Pharmaceuticals.

Acute and painful muscle and bone conditions are relieved by Soma. For your physical condition, the doctor may suggest you physiotherapies like exercise, rest related postures, and other therapies; and here it’s not the correct replacement of it. As a skeletal muscle relaxant, Soma functions on the central nervous system. It’s a prescription-only medicine.

  • Generic Soma recreational use:
    Generic Soma is a muscle relaxant. While you are feeling muscle spasm, it’ll increase your muscle tone. And the drug will block the sensations of the pain which are transferred to your brain. Experts have never heard of Generic Soma and they doubt it has much recreational potential.

    You should follow the doctor’s prescription for your dosage because it differs from patients to patients. You may also follow the directions printed on the strip of the medicine Generic Soma. Here we are stating only the normal dosage of this medicine. If you need to alter it, please get the doctor’s consent.

    As a muscle relaxant, the normal oral dose for the adults and teenagers (ages 16 and above) is 250-350 mg three times daily. The teenagers below 16 years of age, for them, the dose will be considered by the doctor.

    Side Effects of Soma:
    Patients using Generic Soma (Carisoprodol) may face some unwanted issues while he/she is under the course of it. Some commonly faced side effects of this medicine are:

    • Headache, dizziness, and drowsiness are very common side effects of this medicine.
    • Patients may go through the issues like stomach upset and vomiting by having this medicine.
    • Insomnia, sleeping problems, depression, nausea, tremor and feeling irritable issues might be experienced with this medicine.
    • Some serious side effects of Soma include:
    • Swelling of mouth, tongue, and lips.
    • Fast heartbeat, agitation, extreme weakness ( it may be due to the reduction of red and white blood cells).
    • Lack of coordination, lightheadedness, confusion.
    • Severe skin reaction with blisters, redness, peels forming etc.
    • If you feel weird for a long time, stop taking Carisoprodol.

    Patients should seek emergency medical care if any of the above issues feel bothersome.



    • State your medical history thoroughly to your doctor before starting the course of this medicine.
    • If you have issues with hypertension, kidney problems and liver problems, consult your doctor about the same before starting the medication.
    • In the cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding, women should take suggestions from the physician.
    • Do not perform any risky activities after consuming the drug before knowing how you are reacting to the medication.
    • The patient should not take double of Generic Soma at a time. If you forget to take it once, take it as soon as you recall it. You should stick to a regular dose against a skipped dose.

    It is always important to tell your doctor about your present medicines, any OTC drugs that you are taking and about any herbal supplements; because they may contradict with the medicine.

    Generic Soma Reactions:
    You should not take the following drugs while you are taking Soma:

    • Clopidogrel, Ticlopidine, Sodium Oxybate, Carbinoxamine, and drugs that contain Doxylamine.
    • Drugs that treat muscle disorders and seizures
    • Any analgesic or painkiller.
    • Any sleeping medicine like opiates.
    • Medicines for treating anxiety like Benzodiazepines.
    • Nootropic drugs like Modafinil and Armodafinil.
    • Medicines for depression and psychological conditions.
    • Drugs that act upon the central nervous system like Guanabenz, Methyldopa, Apomorphine etc.
    • Drugs that help suppress your immune system may also interact with Carisoprodol, such as Adalimumab and Belatacept.
    • Allergy medicines like Diphenhydramine.

    Get Consultation Online Before You Buy Soma:
    Besides the effectiveness of Generic Soma, patients sometimes find some issues also. Online stores have free doctor’s consultation options. If you need, you can take the benefit of the same. The expert helpline team will help you to remove your doubts in all 24 hours a week. While presenting the order of Soma for the first time, some general questions might come into your thought. Feel free to ask the web pharmacy about them. Surely they’ll answer you at their best. However, you might visit your local doctor for the consultation and go according to his/her suggestion. Remember, only a doctor can give you the suggestion about your actual dosage and the time of taking it.

    How should I store Generic Soma?
    Store the medicine in a cool and dry place at normal room temperature. Keep it away from direct light, heat, and moisture. Generic Soma should be kept safely away from the children.

    How long will I have to take Generic Soma for?
    According to your medical condition, the doctor will settle the duration of your treatment. Some conditions need a long time treatment. Take the medicine as per necessity avoiding the unwanted issues. If you feel any hesitation about it, don’t feel clumsy to ask the doctor.

    Safety information:
    Before starting the course of the drug Generic Soma, we always suggest you visit a doctor and know the method of your actual remedy. But considering the safety of the patients some warnings regarding this drug are given below:

    • The patient should tell the dentist that she is taking Soma before any kind of dental procedures. She should consult the doctor about taking supplemental calcium and vitamin D if she is not getting enough from her daily diet.
    • If you are allergic to Soma or any of its ingredients you must think about some alternative. The patient should not take Soma oral solution if she has trouble swallowing liquids.
    • Soma is not recommended for patients with severe kidney problems.
    • It is important to check with your doctor before mixing up Soma with the drugs like antacids, calcium supplements, aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as or naproxen or ibuprofen.