Diet To Be Followed When Using Generic Xenical

Diet To Be Followed When Using Generic Xenical

Many obese people make a daunting yet courageous decision of losing weight at some point in their lives. Making such a decision could be easy, but following the weight loss plan is a bit difficult and sometimes daunting. Losing weight is by no means easy. However, with sheer determination and dedication, it is possible to lose those extra pounds.

So, you are taking Generic Xenical to aid weight loss, but you are not sure about the diet that needs to be followed to achieve the desired results. Here, you will come to know what diet is required in association with Generic Xenical. But, first of all, we must discuss Generic Xenical in order to understand how it actually helps in losing weight.

About Generic Xenical

Orlistat is the active ingredient present in Generic Xenical, which a clinically proven drug prescribed for obesity to aid weight loss. Its action mechanism consists of inhibiting an enzyme called lipases that is present in the gut. Lipase breaks down the fat we eat in our diets during digestion. When lipase is inhibited, around one-third of the fat we eat cannot be broken down. It is eventually eliminated from the body through stools, which is why many people who take Generic Xenical notice greasy or oily stools.

Generic Xenical must be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise. In order to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, it is important to make changes to your diet and exercise regularly. Changing lifestyle is imperative to achieve the desired results. If you really want to lose weight and avoid any health complications, Generic Xenical must be accompaniedby healthy lifestyle changes.

Diet to be followed while you are on Generic Xenical therapy

Diet is one of the defeating factors of weight loss; it accounts for a colossal 90% of the battle when compared with exercise, which accounts for a merely 10%. For this specific reason, it is essential to understand what you should be eating. Sustaining a healthy diet can be hard and even psychologically draining; however, doing so can be effective.

First and foremost, identify your favorite unhealthy food and avoid them at all costs or cut it down significantly. Replace it with a healthy alternative. However, it is fine to leave some higher calorie foods on ‘cheat days’, which can be done in moderation.

Carbs and Fiber

In an ideal diet along with Generic Xenical, carbs should account for a major proportion for energy. Starchy carbs, especially whole grain varieties tend to be more satiating. Make sure everything is brown. Fiber is another important nutrient that you must include in your diet. A good source of fiber can be obtained from fruit and vegetables.

Beware of the bad carbs. Beware of added sugar. Indulging in bad carbs and sugar will induce weight gain. So, you must avoid processed sugary carbs such as sweets, pastries, cakes, fizzy drinks, etc. Ensure you check the sugar content before buying. Make sure you go for less added sugar varieties.


Fish and lean meat are a great source of protein and should account for around 25% of your diet portions. Seafood and white meat are best for healthy and filling protein options, as they are low in fat. It is best to use safe methods of preparations, such as grilling, steaming, and roasting. Avoid frying. You can also obtain a good source of protein from veggies, such as soybeans, lentils, beans, and broccoli.


It is imperative to check your fat intake in order to prevent the unpleasant side effects of Generic Xenical. Fat consumption should be maintained at around 30% of your overall diet on a daily basis. As mentioned earlier, Generic Xenical affects fat assimilation; it also affects vitamin assimilation. For this reason, when taking Generic Xenical, you must take a multivitamin supplement to make sure essential vitamin levels are provided to your body.

You can seek help from a nutritionist to know more about the diet to be followed while you are taking Generic Xenical.


Taking Generic Xenical alone is not sufficient when it comes to losing weight if you are obese. You need to keep two important things in mind – diet and exercise. It is imperative to follow a healthy diet when you are on Generic Xenical treatment and not to forget, regular exercise. Check with a nutritionist to know about a healthy diet in depth.

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