While both men and women face certain impotency related problems, the treatment for both are very different. Women disclose their problems late and are hesitant in such matters. However, if they do face issues, a therapy or treatment may help to revive sexual life and get things back on track.

There could be many different causes that result in impotency in women. Understanding these problems can help you tackle them at the right time and in the right way.

Problems That Result in Impotency in Women
There are many physical, psychological and lifestyle causes of impotency in women. Here we have listed the major ones among these:

  • Smoking:

Women who smoke excessively may suffer from impotency in the long run. Smoking also hampers their system and affects their ability to deliver kids.

  • Health Problems:

Women who have been suffering from certain health problems since a long time may suffer from impotency as a result of medication. It may also be a result of their prolonged illness.

  • Stress:

Handling household responsibilities as well as professional life without compromising on either is not always possible. Stress builds up and eventually this stress affects a woman’s desire to make love.

  • Lack of Understanding Between Mates:

The major building block of a relationship is proper understanding between the mates. If there is no proper bonding or lack of understanding exists, it affects a woman’s desire to love or get intimate.

  • Lack of Health

If a person is excessively undernourished or impoverished, she may not be able to satisfy her partner. She may lose her potency.

Female enhancement pills over the counter:
The female enhancement pills are formulated for a specific purpose and the individuals should use them for the specific reason. Hence, they should consult the doctor about the administration of the drugs which is suited the best for them. As an over the counter drug you may research the drug of your own, but it is not a secure method of it to take. These kinds of drugs used to have a lot of interactions which may create an issue to recover from a certain condition.

The fluctuations of the secretion female hormones often hamper the female libido, and that hampers the sexual desire, mood, and body-functions of them. Just like the male, physical and psychological factors are behind these kinds of disorders. Their lifestyle may also perpetuate the problem.

To come out of this situation changing of drugs, lifestyle and doing a surgery are your options. With regards to drugs, there are a few options available to women. But you need to consult a physician before beginning any new drug or supplement as your treatment method.

Women can purchase the over the counter pills without prescription, but they should remember that the effectiveness and dosage are vary from person to person. As because all these types of pills are made targeting towards the enhancement of women’s libido, you should consult your physician about your actual dosage to keep you safe from any kind of intolerable issue.

There are various products to choose from, but it is up to you which one you want to use. If you want, you may even combine these enhancers:

In most cases, female enhancement pills work by improving your blood circulation, especially in your vaginal tissues. With this, sexual stimulation enhances. Pills used to improve your sexual hormone levels to maintain a healthy relationship. The effect of the pill is gradual, but long lasting.

Enhancers like ointments or creams are fast-acting female enhancers, which is the ideal choice if you just want a quick fix. It acts within some moments, you will feel the improvements. But with applying this method the enhancement lasts for only a few hours and you just have to apply it directly on your vagina. For better absorption, massage the cream gently for five minutes.

Gel is a temporary but fast solution for low sex drive in women like creams. Because of its consistency, you can use the gel as a lubricant. Experts recommend this for older women who experience dry spells. If a woman has the problem of the dry vagina, she may use it just before sex to find relief from painful sex.

Over the counter female enhancement pills:
Few women enhancement pills found in the market.

Provestra is the number one product on the market that is safe to use and is found effective to the users. The components of this product work for the production of estrogen hormone, lubrication, promotion of blood flow to the genital region, an increase of the libido, and higher intensity of orgasms.

Evedol is an orgasm and female libido enhancement pill. It works well for pain by improving vaginal lubrication and orgasm occurrence. Theobromine and ginseng which are known aphrodisiacs are the active ingredients of this pill.

HerSolution is one of the best supplements on the market and works to enhance fertility and a desirable satisfaction during sex. It is reported to be effective with an increase in breast size.

Lyriana is an all-natural supplement formulated for the increase of the female libido. It promotes natural sexual health and high sensitivity in the genital area. It also has a lubricating effect.

Doctors also prescribe about the over the counter products in case of female sexual enhancements which does wonders for their desire and satisfaction.

Tips While Purchasing Woman’s Health Drugs Online
Many of the women’s health drugs are available online. However, keep the following points in mind while making an online purchase of such drugs:

  • Always check the expiry of the drug before buying it.
  • Purchase drugs only from retailers who ask for a doctor’s prescription.
  • Check the return and refund policy before you make an online purchase.
  • Compare rates of these drugs online. Buy only when you are sure of the price.
  • Check the reputation of the online retailer. You should also check whether the online retailer is authorised to sell the drug online.