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Excessive weight gain is a problem at any age. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, excess weight gain is always undesirable. Men tend to gain weight due to generic reasons. The modern lifestyle does not permit easy loss of weight.

Women gain extra weight due to various reasons. Pregnancy is one of them. For their special inner body structure they inherently have more fat, bigger fat cells, and more enzymes to store fat. Stress impacts the release of the Cortisol hormone which builds fat in the stomach of women. This makes weight loss difficult. Burning calories and weight loss happen faster in men, rather than women. It is one metabolic reason of gaining fat. An overactive thyroid leads to weight loss, while an underactive thyroid causes weight gain in women. Difficulty in losing weight and fat storage in the stomach are all signs of Insulin resistance in the female body. Estrogen increases fat burning, keeping weight low, but after menopause, estrogen levels fall, causing weight gain.

How weight gain impacts a person’s life?
There are many different ways in which weight gain impacts a person’s life. Most people who gain excess weight find it difficult to lose this. Here is how this weight may actually impact your life:

  • Excess weight gain makes you look less attractive. The looks are what make the first impression on people around you. Thus excess weight gain may also hamper your social relationships.
  • Weight gain is also known to impact your health adversely. Those who are fat tend to me more prone or vulnerable to certain health problems. There are higher chances of hypertension and heart problems.
  • Excess weight gain also hampers your confidence and self esteem.

Prescription weight loss pills online:
PhenQ has managed to create imaginable amounts of buzz to achieve its rankings as one of the best diet pills. The drug has provided consistent results throughout various demographics. PhenQ provides support to some hormones within the body that break down the fat that is stored within the fat cells.

Phentemine375 or Phen375 offers a chance to lose weight more easily than that of others. It has passed the certification of FDA and no prescription is required to obtain it.

Protacol XS is a powerful appetite suppressant and fat binder, which suggest that it may block a rich percentage of food that we consume. The product is manufactured by the well-known Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

The only downside is that there are some minor side effects that you may experience such as having trouble falling asleep if taken late in the day.

Best weight loss pills for women:
Losing weight naturally has almost become a myth. Today, it is close to impossible to lose weight naturally. Women lose their figure and grace once they gain weight excessively. It is best for them to rely on different weight loss pills for women to revive their youth and grace.

Capsiplex by Bauer is a fast weight loss pill which has satisfied many women around the world including few of the Hollywood celebrities. It is relatively fresh slimming aid which has successfully passed its claims about its features and effectiveness and is backed up by clinical trial.

From high arterial blood pressure to asthma Forskolin has been used for many years in order to treat various health issues. It is a natural herbal extract, which is found in the roots of a plant called Coleus forskohlii. It is without a doubt one of the top diet pills today.

Created by the highly popular brand Bauer Nutrition, Meratol is a high quality and extremely successful diet supplements. Meratol is in the category of the fast weight loss pills. It is created by one of the popular manufacturers Bayer Nutrition. When one takes a look into the product’s features and benefits it is easy to understand why it is considered as one of the best weight loss pills.

As most already know, Evolution Slimming family firm is one of the most trusted and reputable health slimming supplement producer, which exclusively sells their newest production CitriTherm online.

The Raspberry Ketone Plus supplement is a popular weight loss product. It is often regarded as the miracle fat burner which is known for being entirely natural in composition.

The 5:2 Fast Formula is a supplement which contains a number of nutrients and vitamins that boost the energy levels in the body besides its slimming effect by fighting with the core issues.

Nuratrim has been created by Advanced Health, which is known for offering extremely popular diet pills. Among their new offers Capsiplex and Proactol Plus are there. Therefore if you are judging by the popularity Capsiplex has received over the years, but Nuratrim cannot be questioned as per its quality.

Things to tell your doctor before you start on a weight loss medication:
The doctor needs to know everything about your health condition before he can prescribe the right dosage of medication for weight loss therapy. Here are some things you need to inform your doctor so that he can make the right prescription:

  • Any History of Health Problems

Excess weight gain could be a result of certain health conditions. It could also result from certain medication as a side effect. It is thus best to tell your doctor all about your medical history.

  • Health History of your Parents

Excess weight gain could be hereditary in many cases. So are some other health conditions associated with it. It is best to inform your doctor about the same so that he may prescribe medication accordingly.

  • Your Lifestyle

The doctor always wants to solve health problems in a natural manner if possible. If excess weight gain can be controlled just by proper diet and exercise, there is nothing like it. Knowing your lifestyle helps a doctor understand whether medicine is needed or not.

  • Whether you are expecting

There are certain medicines and weight loss drugs that are not prescribed to patients who are expecting. You need to keep your doctor informed.