Give Up Smoking: Start a Fresh Life Today

We get to see a lot of campaigns against smoking these days. There have been steps taken by the government to ensure that people quit smoking. Many times, people get habituated to smoking and this makes their life miserable. Many people are aware of the true harms of smoking when they actually start off. When they get addicted, it is hard to give up even when you know the adverse effects.

Reasons People Start Smoking:
There are many reasons that cause people to start smoking. If you understand and control these, there is a high chance that you can prevent a person from getting addicted to smoking at the very beginning. Here we have listed down some of the major causes:

  • Wrong Friend Circles

Many people get caught up in the friend circle where everyone is smoking. Under peer pressure such individuals start smoking. Later they find it difficult to give up this habit.

  • A Means To Combat Stress

One of the major reasons why people take to smoking is to combat stressful life situations. Such individuals need to get assistance from counsellors. They should find easier ways to combat stress. Meeting friends, relatives and improving social circles also helps to beat stress in a better way.

  • Lack of knowledge about adverse effects

Some people who take up smoking are completely unaware of the adverse effects of smoking. They do not know how smoking can harm their health in the long run. That is why they take up smoking as a style statement. However, later they find it difficult to give up this habit.

 Here we have listed down some of the major adverse effects of smoking for your knowledge and reference:

  • Effects on Respiratory Health

The direct ill effects of smoking are visible on our respiratory health. Individuals who smoke not just hamper their own health but also affect the health of people around them who are passive smokers. Here are some of the common respiratory health effects on an individual:

  • The nicotine fumes prevent easy breathing. They choke your respiratory system with fumes of tobacco.
  • Tobacco may contain carcinogens. Continuous use of tobacco through smoking may even lead to lung cancer.
  • Effects on Reproductive Health

Smoking is also known to affect the reproductive health of an individual. It may hamper a person’s sex life in many ways as follows:

  • It leads to lowered sexual drive that affects satisfaction in intimate relationships.
  • It may even cause Erectile Dysfunction in men.
  • Smoking may affect a woman’s ability to conceive.
  • A pregnant woman may pass on illnesses to her child by smoking.
  • Effects on Mental Health

Most people who make smoking a habit depend on their cigarette to relieve their stress. However, cigarettes only relieve stress temporarily but affect your mind in many ways in the long run. Here we have listed down some of the common effects:

  • Smoking is an addictive habit. Getting rid of this addiction can be quite difficult.
  • Smokers find it difficult to cope with stress and anxiety when they are deprived of their regular dose of nicotine.
  • Effects on Life Expectancy and Overall Health

The modern society has understood the harms of persistent smoking. That is the reason why there have been active participation from the government to stop smoking completely. It is said that one cigarette reduces 5 minutes in a person’s life.

The overall life expectancy of a smoker is much less than that of a non smoker. It is thus best to get rid of this habit at the very beginning. There are many medicines and other ways to get rid of this habit. Here we have listed a few of these ways:

Tablets to help you stop smoking
A person who is addicted to smoking can never quit easily. This is because smoking is a habit and it is very difficult to get rid of a habit. There are however alternatives that work effectively to help quit smoking. You simply need to consult a doctor and he will prescribe the right dosage of these antismoking tablets for you.

Multiple Options in stop smoking prescription pill
Giving up smoking is never an easy job. However, the doctors and the medical department have understood this fact and have tried to come up with unique options to deal with it. Here is what the drugs do to stop the smoking habit:

  • They have come up with medicines that curtail the urge to use nicotine.
  • In some cases, the patients also get addicted to the habit of inhaling smoke. That is the reason why there are many quit smoking alternatives that are meant to be inhaled.
  • Some medicines also create bad feelings when a person smokes again. He may feel like he is having nausea. This kills the desire to smoke in many cases.

 Common Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms:
Smoking becomes impossible to stop for many because of the countless smoking withdrawal symptoms. Here we have listed these symptoms that creates a problem making it difficult to leave smoking completely:


  • It causes excessive urge to get a dose of nicotine
  • People trying to quit smoking may also get a tingling feeling and may sweat excessively
  • Irritability and depression are common in such cases
  • People may also feel nauseous and irritable
  • Many people who quit smoking also gain weight
  • Coughing and sore throats are also witnessed in certain cases

Buy Anti-Smoking Medicines Online:
Quit smoking right away rather than delaying this decision. There are several antismoking medicines available in the market that help you quit quickly. You may also purchase these medicines online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Here are some tips to help you with such purchases:

  • Always purchase from reliable online stores with long reputation.
  • Check certification of online retailers and make sure they are authorised to sell the products.
  • Opt for cash on delivery or card on delivery options so that you pay only when you are completely satisfied with the purchase.